I’m one of the rare natives, born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. I spent most of my young childhood days by the ocean, at our family cabana, laughing and playing not having a care in the world. The beach was also the place I came to as a teenager and young adult for answers to many questions I had about life, love, health, career, family and spirit. The oceans energy was my source and higher guidance. It’s the place where I felt safe and sound, trusting feelings and messages I received while sitting or walking along the shore. I was inspired by the wind and the waves, cleansed from the sand and salt on my body and healed by the sun’s showering light. I was connecting with my guides, but at that time of my life, I had no knowledge they even existed!

I grew up in a modest, quite large and loud Italian Jewish home. I was a very sweet, kind and extra sensitive child. I got along well with others and was everybody’s friend. I loved my family, but often asked myself if I was adopted because I felt very different growing up, more like the black sheep of my family. It wasn’t until I turned 17 and moved to Florence, Italy for the summer that I felt home and a sense of belonging. I had never been to Italy or Europe but knew I had walked the streets of this beautiful city before. The surroundings didn’t feel the least bit foreign! In fact, I felt like I fit into a culture and lifestyle that resonated with whom I was. I knew nothing about past lives, but was more than certain I had lived one in Florence. This trip forever changed me, how I saw the world and started my quest into an unknown and controversial territory.

After returning from my summer trip, I looked for many books in search of past lives, afterlife and anything related to the world of spirit. I read several books from the new age section in hopes of connecting to something I knew was truth. One of the first books I read was written by Dan Millman called The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. I was compelled by his story, invisible friend and how I could communicate with mine. Upon my return from Italy, I lived with my grandmother for some time and casually asked her when she was ready to leave this planet, if she would try to contact me from the other side. She looked at me like I was crazy and said ”Your kidding… right?” I said…Nope, just do it if you can! Flick the lights on and off so I know it’s you. She just gave me “the look” and we never talked about it again.

The next few years I graduated college and worked for some of the most prestigious Wine & Spirit (no pun intended) companies in Miami. I was passionate, driven and worked hard to build my career in the beverage industry until I met my husband in 1993. His career and French roots took me to Paris for five years to live and learn about a new culture, language and start a family life. I was 29 years old and most of my experiences with the spirit world started to explode while living in France

Lots of strange things started to happen to me in a metaphysical sense and when I tried to explain it to my husband and family members, they just looked at me like I was koo koo! I was busy raising our first child and ignored the nudges and signs spirit was sending me, but still had lots of questions that remained unanswered.

In 2004, my beloved grandmother passed away and it was a very sad time for my whole family. She was a rock, inspiration and the matriarch of our family. A few days after her passing, she came to me in a dream and showed me her dancing the Hora with her sisters and parents in my bedroom light! It was such a beautiful message and validation she crossed over into the light! Besides the fact she did exactly what I asked her to do 20 years later. It was just in a dream!

Then, on the one year anniversary of her death, at 5am in the morning, I saw a blue light and saw her face in my minds eye and heard her say “it’s my anniversary”(clairaudiently). I was shocked, in disbelief because I didn’t remember it was one year since she died and knew I needed to learn more about connecting to the other side. I had never seen a psychic medium before and was very apprehensive about getting a reading from someone I could trust. Within the next few days, my cousin told me she had seen an unbelievable medium and I finally decided it was time to go with my gut (intuition) and trust the synchronicity of all that was happening.

That reading changed my life and pushed me to develop my innate abilities as a psychic. I learned how to channel using a pendulum for a couple of years with my first teacher Sally, until my intuition/guides showed me it was time to “step it up” and learn more with someone new. I was guided to my next teachers where I learned about the world of energy, studying the fundamentals of psychic and mediumship development. This included, meditation, protection, ethics, tarot, numerology, astrology and most importantly a strong foundation in which to conduct my readings. I began to evolve, learning more about myself and what I came here to do.

I became empowered by the shift, change, gifts and challenges that transpired during this time and appreciated the lessons I learned from my past, present and upcoming future. This evolution and empowerment lead me to successfully elevate my vibration and see life from a very different perspective. Today I’m living in the flow of the universe, feeling happy, peaceful and balanced while knowing I can still live an abundant life even in difficult times. This is what evolve, empower and elevate is all about and my hope is to bring insight and inspiration with integrity to you so you can begin your journey to ignite the light within.

Radiate Your Light!