While it’s appropriate to start this newsletter with April showers bring May flowers and how true that is for us here in Florida, I’m more compelled to write about 3 words that have great importance to me and have been my mantra for the last 5 years: evolve, empower and elevate. These powerful words are my essence, my experience and my expression in the world. They drive me every day to reach, teach and inspire you to radiate your light, live your true potential and connect you to spirit.

In 2010, I learned to calm my mind, meet my guides and listen to their message while studying and developing my innate abilities as a psychic medium. I heard the words evolve, empower, elevate repeatedly while meditating and thought it prudent to jot them down in my journal. I understood the literal meaning of each word but wondered what my guides were trying to tell me by showing me these 3 specific words. Slowly but surely it made more sense and I began my journey into the energy of evolving, empower, elevate by sharing it with family, friends, and clients, realizing this slogan was my destiny, inner voice and message to the world.


Webster’s definition of evolve is: to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop by a process of evolution.

In 2010, I went through a very difficult time personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was energetically drained, physically exhausted and could no longer continue life on the treadmill and demands of the material world. I was surrounded by a world of superficiality, negativity, toxicity and people with unethical business practices. I desperately needed to walk away from this ugly environment where I fell victim to a whirlwind of deceit, lies and dishonest acts where people I trusted left me feeling disappointed, sad and angry. I was unaware these struggles, difficulties and obstacles were the universes way of forcing me to change, grow and evolve.

I must admit for the first time in my life I felt broken, but surrendered to what was happening to me and made a critical decision to stop working, stay at home full time taking care of my children and start some deep soul searching! This gave me some extra time to study something I had always loved, but never had time to pursue because I was so busy working and taking care of everyone else. It was a hard step to take because I felt guilty and selfish doing something for myself, leaving my family for weekend workshops and learning something that’s considered unconventional or way out there, but I knew I needed to do it for my personal growth and my soul. This was the first step in my evolution. Walking away from something that no longer served me, trusting myself and taking a leap of faith, whether or not it was accepted, liked or understood. I was changing and developing slowly into a better, more complex and advanced state of “me” without any regret! I was evolving!


By taking the decision to change my life, I felt uncertain where the road would lead but also felt empowered that my life was taking a new direction. Since my teenage years, I dreamed of learning more about the afterlife and the spirit world and knew once I took a step in that direction, there was no turning back, not for a second! I needed this information and knowledge for my own personal development, family, friendships, relationships, health and career. I was fascinated by everything I learned which opened more doors and new opportunities for a successful family life, career and future. Most of my important relationships shifted for the better, while those with no integrity or mere shallowness dropped out of my life as they were no longer of value to me or them. When I chose to evolve and give “me” my power back I was raising my vibration. I was also raising and affecting the vibration of those around me. The feeling was subtle , yet powerful and empowering at the same time. Raising your vibration means elevating your soul or energy to a higher frequency where you live and come from a place of understanding, compassion, kindness and positive intention for all involved. Which leads me to the next word, elevate.


Elevating your vibration is something your soul comes to the physical world to do, yet very few are awakened to this beautiful way of going thru life. Raising your vibration allows you to see life, people and situations from a different perspective than you would see, know and understand from a lower vibration. Elevating your energetic vibration means living“in the flow” working towards achieving joy, balance and harmony in your life. This by no means is an overnight process and takes time, meditation, intention and introspection in many areas, but well worth the effort! The best way to describe the concept or feeling of an elevated vibration is best described as such: Pretend your standing in the middle of a valley looking up at the mountain you want to climb. You’re determined to get yourself out of the valley where things seem confusing and foggy. You eventually find a road that leads you up a mountain path. As you climb the mountain, you reach a resting point ¼ way up and gaze upon the valley down below. You start to see many things in, around and about the valley you never saw before. It becomes clear, looks different and gives you a greater perspective about the valley you were once stuck in. This is my definition of elevate!

Please watch Bon Jovi’s Oprah masterclass video where he talks about the song “It’s My Life”as an afterthought of this topic http://www.oprah.com/own-master-class/Jon-Bon-Jovi-Explains-Its-My-Life-Video



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