When I began writing my newsletter this year, I didn’t have a format nor did I know what I would say or write. It was difficult on many levels because expressing my thoughts, feelings and writing were very new to me. I also had to learn about sharing metaphysical information that could be conveyed by simple, practical and relatable stories so the message would resonate with readers.  I’ve realized a running theme in writing the ignite newsletter this month. Mostly all of them are about the major arcana (big secrets) tarot cards including the number key of that specific card for the corresponding month.

I’ve been teaching what I’ve learned and applied tarot’s evolutionary significance as guidance for all who want to learn. The Hermit and its symbolic meaning is an appropriate card for September. It speaks to us about searching, comtemplation, reflection, introspection and illumination.  He’s about showing the way to others as a teacher and learning life lessons thru a rich experience. The 9 signfies a completion of a spiritual lesson and if that lesson has been learned there is higher guidance available to those who have learned from it.






Your most probably going to repeat the lesson again and not pass the class. But don’t worry, you’re just human! Like the lyrics from the 80’s song by Human League, “I’m only human of flesh and blood I’m made, Human born to make mistakes” For those that learned from their hard experience and completed their lesson, congratulations on graduating to the next level and stepping into the high life. with different people, places or things, You’ve most probably heard the quote from Dr. Brian Weiss, “We are not human beings living a spiritual existence, but spiritual beings living a human existence”.

Based on this concept we are humans living on a physical plane learning several lessons in this school of life. They’re valuable lessons and are comparable to school tests. There are pass and fail grades after each lesson/ test and the ease or difficulty of it will depend on how much or how little you’ve learned. If you choose to learn and search for the meaning in this experience, you will find the gift in the lesson at some point. For those who keep seeing the same challenge or obstacle showing up over and over,










If you feel that you’ve learned a lesson and it’s been a great teacher, pat yourself on the back! It wasn’t easy getting there, but your will and determination pushed you to get through the rough stuff. Doing the work and allowed you to become enlightened with a beautiful gift despite the difficulties you had to endure. This is what I call the high life. Not that you’re jumping up and down with joy and excitement that you went thru a challenging ordeal, but because you can look back at your situation as a rich experience and learn the value of it.







You’ve reached a higher level of understanding and can live life on a higher spiritual plane from the lesson that was your teacher. This is how understanding the hermit while being human can teach you about the high life.

On a final note, the world has lost a very special soul to the heavens above. Dr. Wayne Dyer spent his life teaching others about living life without fear and fulfilling ones dharma. He coined the phrase “Don’t die with your music still inside you” and that“storms in our lives propel us to our best moments”. These are powerful quotes I wrote down at an I Can Do it Conference last year. Above is a quote that fits the expression of this months newsletter. May his words touch you like they’ve touched me and many!


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