Miami Psychic ReadingI am a Professional Psychic Medium who has genuine concern for the well-being of each and every one of my clients.  Through my strong intuitive and empathic abilities, I strive to help expand and open a client’s awareness of their higher self and their life situation during sessions.  Through connecting clients to loved ones and spirit guides, the messages they receive are often life-changing, bring a peace of mind, and create an overall shift in the person’s outlook.

My innate psychic and strong empathic abilities allow me to tune into the world of energy and conduct Miami psychic and tarot readings using divination tools such as a pendulum and tarot cards to look into the past, present and probable future, where the universe sends messages for your highest good.

As a psychic medium, I’m able to connect with the spirit world and loved ones who have crossed over to “the other side” with help from my guides… also known to me as my “G4” -God, Guides, Guardian Angels and Grandma! Your departed loved ones validate their presence by showing me signs, symbols, events, movies, music, past & current situations, and occasionally names.

Please Note: If you are booking a Mediumship reading with me, Please understand I cannot guarantee your loved one will come thru as I cannot make a direct call to that spirit. I recommend that you come to the reading with an open heart and mind, bring a photo, and any item that belonged to them, like a piece of jewelry or something special that can help me connect with them if needed. A little prayer asking them to come through showing me signs and symbols that you would recognize is very helpful too!

Miami Psychic ReadingTarot Readings:

Tarot has been around for centuries and there are many disputes regarding their true origins.  I have come across many people who associate tarot readings with fortune telling, negativity, and believe its sacrilegious. I will admit that before being introduced and educated about tarot, I believed it carried a bad vibe too. This fear is based on readers that use the tarot unscrupulously as a power tool to scare people and take their money. I believe it’s important that when you decide to get a reading whether it’s from me or another reader, it’s by referral or testimonials. The experience should be thought provoking, educational, and insightful to your strengths, obstacles and lessons. You should leave having answers to many questions with a sense of clarity knowing the universe has given you assured guidance. Tarot is a tool to tap into the universal energy on your path and is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about their life, past, present and future!


I conduct psychic readings at my Miami, Florida office location by appointment only.  Please e-mail me for more information on my hourly fee and what to expect during the reading at Please don’t provide me with too much personal information in your e-mail or before the reading as the integrity of the information during the session is an important part of the experience. I look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future!