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I want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year and hope 2015 brings you peace, love happiness and all that you dream and desire.

In numerology the year 2015 adds up to an 8 which is called the World or Universal number and you get it by adding up all the digits (2 +0+1+5=8) So what does it mean to be in an 8 universal


year? It means that the world will be feeling the 8 energy vibration from January 1 2015– December 31, 2015 and is associated with money, business, power, control and Karma.  Your personal year number will affect you more in 2015 and you get that number by adding the month and day of your birth date with the number 8.You can learn and read more about your personal year cycle by clicking on this link written by numerologist Glynis McCants.

More information about numerology can be found at the link below:






I believe learning more about your numbers is a very practical and interesting way in starting your spiritual journey. It can teach you valuable insights about yourself, others and what your life purpose is and how you connect with some people and why you don’t with others. This is a great tool and a perfect time to start the year off with something new if you don’t know much about numerology.

My guides kept showing me the phrase “New Year, New You and the power of 8” as the title of this newsletter. I wanted to share this because 8 being the world number, I was also seeing the Star card in the Tarot deck which is also “key 17”adding up to the number 8.The synchronicity of this card showing up at the same time as the world number 8 sends a very inspirational message. The star card is one of my favorites and is a beautiful card to receive in a reading as it signifies that everything is available to you emotionally and materially. The universe gives you everything you need and desire if you go with the flow and live your life in balance. It’s a time and period of recognizing joy.

Another thing to mention is the number 8 drawn sideways is the infinity sign. It has several meanings for eachindividualbut for me the loops represent balance of opposites, male and female, light and dark, night and day. The sign implies equality between opposing forces with the center being the connecting point of two becoming one, bringing wholeness and completion. I think it’s cool how it all ties together and believe we can all achieve the best out of life if we learn to balance our opposing forces. I have made balance a primary goal these last few years which was essential to my personal and professional life and so pleased with the results of making it a priority as it has changed my life in so many ways.


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Once again, wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, New You and the power to create you dreams!

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