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July was calm and peaceful, although tones of extra sensitivity and emotions seemed highlighted at the beginning and ending of the month most likely due to the 2 full moons. The sensation of” I can’t put my finger on why I feeling this way”, allowed emotions from our subconscious to surface so we could confront and deal with unfinished business. While I’m a big fan of looking into what’s happening on all levels, I’m so happy August is here to help fuel leo’s fire energy and inspire passionate change.


The Strength Tarot card has been popping up recently and the synchronicity of it appearing right before this month is no accident. If you look closely at the cards image, there’s a beautiful woman taming a lion in a bright yellow backdrop.  This card oozes confidence, strength, inner wisdom and personal power. the number 8 in Tarot refers to business, money and career.  When you pull those concepts together and combine it with August being the 8th month of the year and the sign of Leo (lion), well you just can’t call it a coincidence! My read on this card coming about now is a message about letting go of ego and using your courage and strength to build your career or business


When thinking about your career, business and financial investments, often you have many questions and wish you had answers, signs or directions like when driving your car. There’s a variety of signs telling you to stop, yield, go, Turn left, turn right, straight ahead, expect delays, detour and you’ve arrived!

Today we are lucky to have GPS or Navigation systems telling us what’s coming up, how to avoid traffic and take another route. These physical signs help us get to our destination with more ease. Yet, when it comes to many things in our life including  work, money & career, the signs aren’t always so clear.

However, I’m thrilled to tell you about your own inner compass, your intuition! Learning how to develop it will help you in any situation, once you learn to pay attention and understand how it works. You’ve probably gotten plenty of signs before and ignored or discounted them just to realize it’s showed up 2 or 3 times. This is your intuitive compass and the universe placing people, places and things on your path, otherwise called synchronicity.

And just to show you how synchronicity works, while writing this newsletter I received an e-mail from hay house with a free video series on how to” develop the 5 psychic senses to make better choices” by John Edward. If you’re not familiar with John Edward, he is and continues to be an important figure in my life who’s impacted and influenced my journey throughout the years.

I’m happy to share this video series with you here where you can begin your intuitive journey today;

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