Tarot has been around for centuries and there are many disputes regarding their true origins.

I have come across many people who associate tarot readings with fortune telling, negativity, and believe its sacrilegious. I will admit that before being introduced and educated about tarot, I believed it carried a bad vibe too. This fear is based on readers that use the tarot unscrupulously as a power tool to scare people and take their money. I believe it’s important that when you decide to get a reading whether it’s from me or another reader, it’s by referral or testimonials.

The experience should be thought provoking, educational, and insightful to your strengths, obstacles and lessons. You should leave having answers to many questions with a sense of clarity knowing the universe has given you assured guidance. Tarot is a tool to tap into the universal energy on your path and is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about their life, past, present and future!