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Robin Petit-Leoni
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by Anonymous on Robin Petit-Leoni
My experience

My experience with robin was just what I needed. I was nervous because I’ve never had a reading done before but she made me feel super comfortable and calm. We spoke about things I needed to feel and let out. I wouldn’t have felt all the emotions I did if it wasn’t for robin feeling them and bringing them up. I highly recommend everyone to go see her. I feel super aware of my feelings and I’m ready for my self healing journey. Pure love and good vibes in her office.

by Melanie Saunders-Peddle on Robin Petit-Leoni
Just What I Needed

I’ve been feeling unsure of my path lately, as if I’m stuck at a standstill with a few different paths pulling me in all potential directions. Robin offered me such clarity with what direction to take. She helped me to connect internally to know how to best move forward. I have been feeling more sure and enthusiastic about the future since our reading. Thank you so much, Robin.

by Monica Ullrich on Robin Petit-Leoni
My daughter is no longer afraid at night

My 8 yr. old daughter has had difficulty sleeping alone in her room for as long as I can remember. She told me she was afraid, and would get an “uncomfortable feeling” every night at bedtime. Over the last 6 months, however, her fear heightened to a new level. Each night as we were getting ready for bed, she would sense that there was 1 and sometimes 2 spirits in her room. Despite my constant assurances that she was absolutely safe, and that her sister was right next door and our room was just down the hall, she would cry “you don’t know how it feels… you don’t know how it feels to be me”. At this point, I knew I had to seek someone who did know how it feels to be her. The first person I asked, gave me Robin’s contact information. I contacted Robin, and after speaking with her for about 10 minutes by phone, we both felt that it would serve my daughter to schedule a consultation. Robin gave her multiple tools to empower my daughter and equip her with the knowledge of what to do so that the spirits she was sensing would no longer be present. Robin was kind, empathetic, and despite her vast experience and background with spirit and angels, she was totally “down-to-earth” and relatable. She made my daughter feel so comfortable and told Robin things during their session about other visions she’d experienced that she had never shared with me. Incredibly, after just the one session with Robin, my daughter has been able to fall asleep in her own room again!!! While she still does get the occasional “feeling”, we practice the routine that Robin gave us, and she gains control and the ‘feeling’ subsides shortly thereafter.

I feel very fortunate to have met Robin, and am beyond grateful. She has enabled my daughter to have a sense of peace and understanding for what she was seeing and feeling that even I as her mother could not give her. This truly is an incredible gift.

by Magalie on Robin Petit-Leoni
Just what I needed to hear

My reading with Robin today rang every bell of truth for me, and gave me clarity on some major issues I was unsure of. She has a beautiful way of making you feel seen and honoured for who you are. Thank you, Robin, for sharing your gifts with the world. I will be back for more.

by Betty Collins on Robin Petit-Leoni
An amazing Medium !!

Today I had my second reading with Robin , and today , again , I was BLOWN away. My first reading had both my parents and my father in law come through. My father & In Law came thru first - then a name - It was the name of a family member I was not talking to. As soon as the name came thru and I knew it My Mother came to tell me to make peace ! Today I had a lovely lunch with that family member - Thank you Robin XO
In the reading I had today my Dad and Mom came through - Dad with flowers , Mom blowing out her candles - Robin had absolutely no way of knowing that today would have been my Mom's Birthday and that my Father LOVED flowers!!
Robin's readings are INCREDIBLE to say the least !! If you want contact , or need answers , Robin is the one for you !!! Thank You Robin for ALL that you do !! I am SO incredibly Grateful !!!

by Anonymous on Robin Petit-Leoni

Robin has such a grounding presence and helped me to regain a sense of myself.Thank you!

by Marlyn on Robin Petit-Leoni

Numbers never made sense to me, but when I came to have a numerology reading I walked out having a different perspective about myself!It was truly a spiritual upgrade!

by Anonymous on Robin Petit-Leoni
The Power To Empower

It is only when one has taken the time to evolve that they come to a place of elevation, where they are able to raise their vibration and translate messages from the beyond or from their personal place of higher knowing. That place is found within oneself. Once we see beyond the veil of perceived reality, we may begin to empower others. Robin has done this work, has evolved and continues to develop. Her readings and messages indeed empower her clients, allowing them to see opportunity and potential.

by Anonymous on Robin Petit-Leoni

Robin is truly gifted. My reading with her was very insightful and personal and loving and at the time, I didn't realize the things she revealed to me would unfold as time has passed. I refer to my notes and find comfort and resolution to issues in my life.

by KIM L. on Robin Petit-Leoni

Robin conveyed a gift of heartfelt knowing to me through her intuitive guidance and warm support. My experience with her allowed me to trust my higher self by confirming a spiritual connection to those I love and miss.

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