I recently returned from the best trip and time of my life! My husband and I celebrated our 19 year anniversary and 50th birthdays in June. Instead of throwing a big party for ourselves, we decided to take a dream vacation to Santorini, Greece where the skies are blue, the water is crystal clear and the land is rich in molten rock. This small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea surrounded by white villages, breathtaking views, and stunning sunsets are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. Santorini was born from a volcanic eruption where a caldera was created which allows your senses to easily tap into the 4 essential elements fire, water, air and earth. The vibe and setting are the perfect conditions to relax, rewind, recharge and rediscover.




I’m feeling fabulous at 50 and as if I’ve drank from the fountain of youth. Honestly, I wasn’t able to say that 10 years ago.  At 40, I was going through the everyday grind of stress, struggle and survival. Work, marriage, kids and finances were my daily worries when I finally woke up realizing there was more to life than fear, overwhelm and demands of the material world. When I was young, I felt connected to a higher power and guidance that I somehow lost as I got older. Like all human beings, I had experiences and lessons my soul came here to learn before I could start to understand my spiritual self, messages from the universe and spirit..


When I woke up, I was eager and excited to learn more about the metaphysical world. All the aspects and subjects fascinated me and I wasn’t sure where to start. I felt like a freshman college student, not knowing which subject to major in, but ultimately followed my  heart and soul and chose to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities. I was a bit apprehensive to take on this new adventure and unconventional direction, but was pulled by a force stronger than my ego to take this brave step into the unknown. The spark and spirit I felt while studying my hidden potential, regardless of others beliefs on the subject matter, gave me the courage and strength to continue and create my life’s work. I reminded myself that it would take time, practice patience, hard work, along with trusting the process and committing myself to evolve, empower and elevate!


One of the first things I learned after waking up and working on my self was about the law of attraction, positive thinking and vision boards. If you are ready to win what you want in your life, consider creating a vision board. It’s essential to manifesting your dreams, reaching your goals and feeling successful. It’s fun, simple and works wonders with true intention, visualization and affirmation. Gather a bunch of images, quotes or anything you want to attract into your life from the internet or magazines. Find a poster, bulletin board or computer desktop where you can stick or glue them together like a collage, Place your vision board where you sit and or work and make sure to look at it throughout the day. Gaze or stare into the images you most want to manifest into your life with affirmations and trust the universe will bring it to you at the right time. Wait, watch and win! Things will start to come into your life as it did for me. Notice the photo I placed on my vision board with the photo I took in Santorini! This is what wake up, work and win is all about and it really does work.
Becoming aware there is more to life than stress, struggle and survival, by doing spiritual work on yourself and winning what you want out of life.  You will gain clarity, confidence and courage while finding peace, prosperity and passion!.




July’s free reading winner is Marta R. Congratulations Marta! I will be contacting you in the next few days to schedule your session.


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